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To help and better equip drivers, several towing-related features are available on many Ford truck and SUV models, including the F-150 or the larger Ford Expedition. For example, the Pro Trailer Backup Assist helps you back up a trailer, and the BLIS system with a tow cover keeps you safe. Here's how these tools make your life easier every day.

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Hands-free system

Whether you're a pro or have only done it a few times, backing up a trailer, no matter how long, is a tricky operation that can quickly become frustrating for the driver. The trailer is often heading in the opposite direction of the truck and trying to get the two to line up properly is a feat. With the Pro Trailer Backup Assist, this dilemma is finally solved!

To activate this feature, a simple press of the "Trailer Backup" button is required. After entering a few measurements, the system activates a camera to track the trailer's position. You simply turn the button left or right in the direction you want the trailer to go, and the system will take over your steering wheel to properly maneuver the trailer. In other words, the system takes care of the steering and you no longer have to anticipate the reverse movement of your trailer.

Eyes all around your trailer

In addition to helping you back up, another feature, the BLIS Blind Spot Alert System with Towing Coverage, takes care of the safety side of towing. Many blind spot monitoring tools work well under normal circumstances but become less effective when a trailer is added to the back of the vehicle, as the sensors don't have enough range to cover the entire vehicle. This requires extra caution when changing lanes.

With BLIS, this is no longer a concern! First, enter the measurements of your trailer in the "Towing" tab of your infotainment system. Then, when you pull out of your parking spot, the system's sensors immediately turn on and monitor the blind spots all around your trailer. If you don't notice the visual alert in your rearview mirror, the system will trigger steering wheel feedback to inform you of a car in your trailer's blind spot. This will allow you to better react accordingly.

Together, these two towing-related features make life much easier and safer for drivers. Pro Trailer Backup Assist and BLIS are available as options on Expedition, F-150 and Super Duty models, while only BLIS is available on Explorer, Transit and Ranger models.

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